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    Vizard/Shinigami Abilities

    David Summers
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    Vizard/Shinigami Abilities

    Post by David Summers on Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:17 pm


    Shikai is automatically available to you at ML-W. No training required.


    Bankai is only available once you reach HL-W, To train for it you will need only one of two things.

    You need someone with Bankai to train with you. This will mean you'll need only 5 Posts each 1000 Words long.


    You will be able to train yourself once you are able to manifest your Zanpakutou spirit and train with it. This will mean you need 10 posts each 1000 words long.

    A Bankai can only be used once every Topic.

    Vizard Mask

    At Rank MaL-W You'll be able to Use your mask. You'll only be able to keep it out for one post, to increase the length you can keep your mask on; you'll need to create a topic. In this topic For every post you make that has 2000 words You'll be able to keep your mask on for 1 additional post.

    The Cooldown you obtain after using your mask is 10 posts. This cooldown decreases by 1 every time you increase the duration you can hold you mask by 1. The cooldown can not be decreased below 5.


    Kido usage requirements:

    Kido 1-20 : 25% Kido proficiency
    Kido 21-40: 45% Kido proficiency
    Kido 41-60: 55% Kido proficiency
    Kido 61-79: 60% Kido proficiency
    Kido 80-89: 80% Kido proficiency
    Kido 90-99: 100% Kido proficiency
    Kido 100: 125% Kido proficiency

    Kido can only be used 4 times in a post.


    Shunpo can be used when you reach 35% Proficiency in the Hoho Field. Any Variations or techniques involving Shunpo can be found at Kenkens' Shop.


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