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    Quincy Techniques/Abilities

    David Summers
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    Quincy Techniques/Abilities

    Post by David Summers on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:32 pm

    Quincy have Ginto and their bows, They also have a better grasp of manipulating reishi.


    Ginto are the Quincy equivalent to Kido. On this fight there are only 27 Ginto techniques for both offensive and defensive. Obtaining right to use these are as simple as Bing a ML-W or higher. The more you invest in the "Ginto" Discipline, the stronger your Ginto will be.

    Quincy Arrows

    The more you put into this discipline, the stronger your arrows will be and the rate of fire increases as well;

    15% Proficiency: 5 Arrows at a time. Anything below this is simply 1 arrow at a time and they will get weaker after every shot. There will be no cooldown for this.

    30% Proficiency: 50 Arrows at a time. The cooldown will be 2 posts

    50% Proficiency: 120 Arrows at a time. The cooldown will be 3 posts

    65% Proficiency: 500 Arrows at a time. The cooldown will be 4 posts

    80% Proficiency: 900 Arrows at a time. The cooldown will be 4 posts

    100% Proficiency: 1200 Arrows at a time. At this state your arrows are strong enough to pierce Hierro. The cooldown will be 4 posts

    125% Proficiency: 1500 Arrows at a time. At this state your arrows are able to pierce anything except a Bankai, unless you are in final form. The cooldown will be 4 posts

    The number of arrows you can use at one time is also the number of arrows you can use in one post which is also the number of arrows you can use in one topic before the cooldown is set.

    Final Form

    The Final Form is the equivilant to Bankai for Quincy. The destructive power of your arrows are doubled and the disciplines "Speed" and "Quincy Arrows" are set to 125% while All other Disciplines are reduced to 50%. The problem with Quincy in Final form is that they are only allowed one arrow per post but this arrow is extremely fast and dodging them completely will require that you use speed at least 125%. Anything less and you will get hit if you within 100 yards of the said arrow. You can use something or someone to reduce the impact of the arrow if you must.

    Quincy Final form is only for those with the Quincy glove or those who are tiered at least AL-W and it lasts for 3 posts. If it was obtained by using a Quincy glove then you lose your quincy powers and become human without a Tier. You can get your Quincy powers back by having someone shoot you 19mm to the right of your heart with a quincy arrow.

    If you used it by natural means (by simply being tiered AL) then you lose your quincy powers for the rest of the Topic.


    Using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain; a Quincy can continue moving with their mind no matter what effect may impede them from moving normally. This means Quincy can continue fighting no matter what state their body is in. Only Quincy on MaL-A Can use this technique, it has no cooldown, cost or duration.


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