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      Crushing Overview

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      Crushing Overview

      Post by Zzero on Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:57 am

      A wall of distortion makes an appearance before the throne filled with hostile (to Zzero) Arrancar awaiting what would follow the distortion. From behind the wall emerges the Vizard whose intentions were deserving of such a welcome. After his entire figure became visible to everyone in the room; he started a gesture, one that would finish after he was able to take into account the number of people in the room which didn't exceed 4. It took him no longer to reach his hand out to greet the arrancar in a fashion only a fellow hollow would be able to imitate. After which; he turned to face another hollow with fear struck in his eyes made obvious by the beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks. Zzero let out a faint smile before turning to look over at the throne and found it vacant of his target. Then he looked up; the night sky was clear and the crescent moon stared down on Zzero in a way that made him feel embarrassed. "I'm. . . occupying a replicated throne room, right?" Zzero asked as he looked back at the fear struck Arrancar. It immediately bowed down in repentance; it knew that Zzero had already figured out that he was in the wrong place and knew the only possible way to survive in this situation was to beg for forgiveness. Zzero didn't care to waste any more energy in any aspect on these few beings so he decided to have his image disappear from their view using a shunpo they wouldn't ever be able to follow with their eyes; his new destination was Las Noches.

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