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    Absence rules

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    Absence rules

    Post by Zzero on Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:57 pm

    Unexplained Absences leave you vunerable to the 48 Hour rule (read the rules for more info on this)

    If you are absent for more than 7 days without reason or days between your log in are 5 days apart 2 weeks straight then you will be robbed of your race leader status and have your rank decreased to that of a LT ranked rouge. We are very leniant when it comes to this rule and don't really enforce it unless people among your orginization or race are getting irritated with your excessive absences.

    Before an absence can be legit you need the approval of at least one moderator or admin. We have this rule because someone cannot say that "Going off for a few months" Whenever they want and popping back up whenever they please insured that their position is kept safe in their unexplained absence, it would defeat the purpose of having this Forum.

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