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    Fighting Rules

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    Fighting Rules

    Post by Rohit on Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:31 pm

    1I Though this is bleach and physics are a little different, it is shown that almost everyone in bleach can take punishment. So it is acceptable to use your will to keep Death away. Unless you are beheaded or sustain a catastrophic wound in which case. . . You will die regardless of will.

    2I Inner Hollows, Zanpakutou Spirits, etc. Cannot do anything in battle. They can only be seen by you and cannot in any way influence your opponent or your surroundings. They can however act as guardians of your inner world. Anyone who enters can be harmed by them.

    3I No one is omnipotent, you cannot know everything about everything and everyone and you cannot have God like senses that allow you to hear the flapping of a flies without some kind of drug or mechanism.

    4I If an opponent doesn't respond to an attack within 48 hours then you are allowed to connect your attack, unless they have an approved absense.

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