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      The Arcs

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      The Arcs

      Post by Zzero on Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:08 am

      The Arcs are Updates on one of the few Main orginizations. Main orginizations are no longer being accepted because to be a main orginization one must have a orginization that accepts one race into their ranks and one race only and that will be the primary orginization for said race. This is mainly so that people can read what's happened so far through the orginizatinos eyes. For more on orginizations; go here.

      (Orginization name) Current Objective

      You put here the orginizations' Primary objective. This is decided by the race leader to help the race further reach their Main goal.

      (Orginization name) Side objective(s)

      This is side objectives, They help towards the Primary objective of a main orginization. So doing these isn't obligatory but it would be helpful and you might be promoted in your Orginization.


      These are posted for people within the orginization who do not know what they should do necessarily. One doesn't have to place this field in their arc topic, they can place this as a sticky or announcement (or just a regular topic) in their orginizations thread.

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