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    Bount Template

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    Bount Template

    Post by Zzero on Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:06 pm

    Name: This means Surname and Forename

    Alias: Any other names you go by.

    Gender: Male or Female no Tranfesdites.

    Visual Age: Your characters' age.

    Weigh&Height: Do not do this in your Apperance do this HERE

    Birthday: Only the month and day DO NOT include year

    Position: (If you have a position then please tell us what it is and we will tell you whether it is open or not if you are applying for an orginization)

    Status: (Alive or Dead?)
    Appearance: (What does your character look like. Be as
    descriptive as possible so that other people can imagine what he/she
    looks like while they probably cut your head off)

    Personality: (This is of course the cogs of your
    characters mind. What makes them tick, What turns them on/off etc. At least two paragraphs please.)


    (To be filled out AFTER your requested Rank is approved)



    Spiritual pressure:

    Doll Sync:

    Rank: (Go for anything here within the Rank list. )

    Current location:(Where does your character live now?)

    Fighting Style: (You describe your characters' fighting style here, You can sum it up in one word [Melee, Long range, Short range, etc.] Or be descriptive. )

    History: Background of your character. Please provide at least three paragraphs.

    RP Sample: (Fill this out if the orginization you want to joins' leader wants to see your worth.)

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