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    Arrancar Abilities/Techniques

    David Summers
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    Arrancar Abilities/Techniques

    Post by David Summers on Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:47 am


    The moment you start as a Arrancar, ressureccion will be available to you. To get a second ressureccion you will have to be AL-W or higher (A Vasto).

    Ressureccion seals all of your wounds automatically, it doesn't regrow limbs or replace organs and muscles unless you make it so in your character creation.

    Ressureccion doesn't have a duration like Bankai. It is usable only once and disappears if your character obtains a catastrophic wound. We hope you are a good enough Rper to determine what is and what is not considered a catastrophic wound when your character obtains one. If not then we will be glad to help out if your opponent posts it as a problem that needs solving in the debate area.


    Cero can be different colors, There are different levels of cero but I have not seen any Cero that have custom effects so there can't be any on this site. You can quite literally do any stance when using a Cero as well.

    Unless it is one of your abilities to fire more Ceros than you are allowed, you're only allowed to fire one Cero a post.


    Balas are fast, and like the cero they can be fired by many means. But they do not have custom effects.

    You can fire 10 Bala in a post. But not instantly, for obvious reasons.

    Negaccion/Gata Negaccion

    Negaccion are reserved specifically for the Leader of Hueco Mundo and/or for anyone the Leader of Hueco Mundo permits. The Leader of Hueco Mundo can only use Negaccion after a starting cooldown of 15 posts. When he is in it, NOTHING can harm or stop him from heading back to Hueco Mundo, any thing within the Negaccion that isn't influenced by intended occupants will be unable to move and cannot be controlled by forces outside of the Negaccion.

    Gata Negaccion is only for Espadas, they are allowed to use it on another Arrancar. For Arrancar that aren't Espada or Priveron Espada, They are sent to a world where they are unable to do anything, like a prison, and they are unaffected by any skills or actions. This lasts until the Espada decides to bring them back. If used on Espadas it only lasts for 4 posts and the same effects apply. This technique however costs 2200 Lethality point and can be bought by your local 3rd Espada, Espada of Gluttony.


    The Garganta is a doorway to and from Hueco Mundo that can go anywhere but Hell and Soul society. This portal can be opened instantly and closed just as fast. This can only be opened twice in a topic; the first time coming from Hueco Mundo (Link to the topic you came from) The next going back. The cooldown between each portal opening is 7 posts.


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