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    Basic rules

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    Basic rules

    Post by Rohit on Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:29 pm

    1| You are required to put your username as the character you are rping as. Before posting anywhere else you have to make a character template be it WIP or not, just so long as your name matches your Creation. You can however go onto the C-box and speak with the members without making a template if you just joined. Oh, and you cannot RP until you have an approved Character template.

    2| You are only allowed up to 2 alternate Accounts to play as. You cannot have more than 1 Account with a Elite position and you cannot allow your characters to meet or fight IC, you are only allowed to have them fight or speak with each other Ooc. This doesn't include Personal NPC's and the number of NPC's you are allowed are shown to you in the NPC creation rules.

    3| When you are making a character, we suggest that you use the provided template. Well, I am trying to be nice but really; Use the provided template.

    4| When you die you are ressurected in accordance with the death system. Refer to that system to see how you can be reincarnated.

    5| Copying characters from other sites is a no no. We ask that you be original or don't RP at all. You can be similar, I mean; My character is a 13th division Vizard who looks like Hei from darker than black with the codename BK201 but none of the info from the wiki is copied to my character template. Powers of course are all but unlimited so I think it is safe to say you can duplicate the idea of powers from other characters and other sites, it's not like we can give you a warning for making a Zanpakutou that can use fire techniques.

    6| Flaming, Spamming, Trolling and Baiting are all hilariously entertaining BUT it's nothing but fun and games 'till someone threatens to hack your Account. Let's end the circle of hatred, Anyone caught doing any of these things in the chatbox or on the forums can be banned without warning. I say without warning because I am trying to make sure you know just how serious this is and I say can because some Admins/Moderators are kind hearted and they warn people.

    7| When given an Elite position, inactivity isn't allowed. Unless you post an Absense or Tell a Staff member you will be unable to access the internet before taking a long break then within a matter of days your title will be forfeit. We know you have a life outside this Crazy RP, which is why there are rules in teh absence section you have to abide by.

    8| In a fight if a member doesn't respond to your attack within 48 Hours, You are allowed to connect your attack. This doesn't apply to a Topic in which you are talking, where you have to wait at least 72 Hours before you can simply Exit the topic.

    9| Please do not go into a Ooc Argument in a Topic. If you have a argument on your next immediate post, post the link to the Topic you created which should be located in the Debate court.

    10| Metagaming isn't allowed. Saying that you magically appeared to save your girlfriend from an attack is indeed metagaming. Some people try to use excuses for this but allow me to clear one thing up: If it wasn't posted then it never happened. In other words; If you say that being apart of the Gotei thirteens Captain list, you could have been watching her movements since she left for Karakura. If you did not SAY that you were watching her in one of your posts then you were in fact, NOT watching her. Which also leads me to the Two places at once. You cannot be one place watching your girl in one Topic and then in another having a nice cup of Tea with a rapist.

    11l You cannot have or use any unregistered items or weapons without Rping your character obtaining them. You cannot say your character obtained an item or weapon that comes from another world unless they somehow have access to that world and cannot obtain items that aren't in existance, like; a lightning gun. Weapons and items cannot have any Extra features, powers/abilities or properties and can only be used in the Topic you obtained it in and any Run-on topics.

    12l When participating in a fight you cannot just up and leave it unless all parties involved in said fight agree to your leave.

    13l Players cannot open a portal to a world that isn't their own unless it is the human world. Soul society cannot be infiltrated by a Garganta and Hueco mundo cannot be infiltrated by a Seikomon. It is a world of possibilities however, if someone were to have a ally who happened to be.... Let's say Shinigami (Player controlled) Then they could use them to make seikomongate and travel through that

    14l To increase your rank you will have to not only obtain status needed to obtain said rank, but the proper training as well. Those who take an elite position in a orginization will automatically be given a specific rank but those who want to increase both their position in their orginization and their overall rank will need to obtain permission from their Orginization leader and then train for the rank.

    15l Don't be afraid to tattle if you see an abuse in power in any way. We are trying to weed out the staff who make this site uncomfortable for Rpers. Report if you feel as if you believe staff is abusing their powers on you. Even the founder is subject to Reporting, we can mutiny against that bastard!

    This list of rules is subject to change and open to suggestions.

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