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    Creation Rules

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    Creation Rules

    Post by Rohit on Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:12 pm

    If you are going to make a character, you must follow these rules:

    1I Any and all images in your character topic outside of your signature and your avatar, HAVE to be what your character looks like. So no putting up pictures of Ichigo kurosaki when you're describing a Rukia kuchiki.

    2I No one owns names, so it's okay to use names used from other sites, shows, manga, etc. It's not okay to use specific info word for word without permission. In other words, be a bit original and make your own character instead of posting someone elses without their permission.

    3I When creating an ability that manipulates an element, depending on your rank you'll have a certain limit to how much you can manipulate in said element. You will not ever be able to manipulate anything on a molecular or quantum level, and a Ranked D opponent cannot manipulate all the water in the Atlantic ocean. Your rank will determine the limits of your abilities.

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